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​Besides providing experienced Los Angeles painters, Thomas Parks Contracting also does waterproofing in California.

Don’t live with a drip. Why re-roof when you can waterproof? Call a Los Angeles contractor who can get the job done right.

Most people get the wrong conception when they look up at their roof and notice that some of the shingles along the very top of their roof are starting to look frail and ragged. Some of them have blown out or may be laying in the shrubs or on the lawn. They notice that the caulking that’s around vent pipes and around the chimney flashings is starting to show a lot of cracking and/or lifting. The first thing that comes to mind is:

“Oh no, I need a new roof and soon! I don’t want water to come inside my home, or maybe it already got in several months ago when we had that big rain and probably just got soaked up in the insulation that is in the attic. I hope it didn’t get into the drywall or plaster because that will cause mold and mildew not to think about what it would do to my paint, wallpaper and carpet. Well I guess that it would be cheaper to just put a new roof on. But wait a minute I already have two roofs on my house. That means that they will have to tear-off and remove all of the old roofs and valleys and flashings. And i hope they won’t have to replace the wood sheeting. This is getting very expensive, and think of all the mess and the noise. Now I don’t think I can afford this, but on the other hand if I keep putting it off it is going to leak. Then I will have to repair all the damage and still have to put the new roof on. So I will be out twice the expense!”

Well did you know that when you look at your roof it is communicating with you? When you see the signs that we just reviewed, your roof is crying out for help. It is telling you to remove and replace the old worn out ridge cap, tighten and caulk around the vent pipes and chimney, and tighten loose shingles and then replace where missing. This is called a tune up and always cost about 10% of what a new roof would cost. It will prolong your old roof for another decade and give you a piece of mind so you can enjoy those rainy nights and not be up all night looking for water.
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